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Are you employed or self-employed?

Which accountancy software should I use?

How am I going to comply with Making Tax Digital?

Would my company be caught by the Revenue’s ‘IR35’ legislation?

What are the tax implications of making a gift?

Can I claim working from home as a business expense?

How do I prepare the payroll for my employees?

What steps do I need to take to become self-employed?

Should I trade as a limited company, partnership or sole trader?

Are there any other options?

Should I register for VAT?

How do I know when I must register for VAT?

When will my tax be payable?

Why might I want to file my tax return early?

Can I reduce my ‘payments on account’?

What’s the most tax-efficient way to pay myself?

Should I put my car through the business?

Do I pay tax on rental income from a lodger in my own home?

Why do I have to pay National Insurance on my self-employed profits, when I’ve already paid it as an employee?

‘I met this bloke in the pub who told me…’

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